Dorothy Romo-Manning
Mountain Geology Paintings and Sculptures

Solo Show at the Stables Gallery – June 24-28, 2021
Hours: 10-6
“Color & Chemistry”
Opening night from 5-8 with music, wine, and food.

As an avid hiker and lover of nature I am constantly in awe and thoroughly amazed by the dynamic beauty and chaos of these beautiful settings that surround us in our own Taos backyards. Over the years I have learned to slow down, stop, fully appreciating our mountains, waters, and sky, seeing the exquisite detail in frequently overlooked items as we march forward over the next ridge, the next peak. In time memories took me back to my childhood in Japan and the incredible colors, culture and forever friendships I discovered over those 13 years. In many of my paintings and our sculptures you can see this influence in the Shinto style framing and presentations.

My works are a reflection of this embracing of Mother Nature, the geological wonder of our NM mountains and the privilege of my childhood. During this time in our world history when our leaders refuse to acknowledge our planet in pain, my hope is all who view these paintings and sculptures are encouraged seeing that these forest offerings, rugged rocks, and discarded refuse have not been overlooked – but rather seen as extraordinary. I endeavor to raise each painting and sculpture into something beautiful, graceful and full of the affection I feel for these lands and cultures.